Thomas Aigelsreiter is an experienced illustrator and constantly reinventing himself. His pseudonym in German “Auge” (eye) precisely describes what constitutes his talent: his expert eye and artistic grasp as is clearly shown in his portfolio that covers the range from editorial illustrations and comics to advertising and animated films. His works reveal the influence of the Franco-Belgian school of ligne claire, above all, Yves Chaland, and also of American illustrators like Mike Mignola and Bruce Timm. Despite his stylistic versatility, Thomas Aigelsreiter’s works are immediately recognizable and the uniqueness of his illustrations creates a language of its own. Thomas Aigelsreiter’s technical resourcefulness covers classic analogue drawing with ink and brush and also digital graphic tablet works; all of his characters and animated stories are full of life. And his work has been crowned with success: he was named one of the “200 best illustrators worldwide” by “Lürzer’s Archive”. One of his animated films got him an invitation to the Venice Film Festival, and at the turn of the millennium, he won the Austrian State Prize for Multimedia for one of his animated works.

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